Safety is paramount to any organization’s success.

Our Employee Assistance Programs have reduced workplace accidents by over 50% resulting in a significant reduction in worker compensation claims. Our performance guarantee is tied to Return On Investment (ROI) performance measurements and statistics that can be measured.

Reduction in Health Care Costs

  • 75% of EAP cases are resolved without using healthcare benefits
  • Unresolved alcohol problems increase employee medical costs by up to 900%

Disability Costs

  • Mental illness and chemical dependency cases are a top cause for large increases in long-term disability claims.
  • Network savings
  • Quality programs at contractual rates

Productivity Savings

  • Utilization reports reflect savings as it relates to problems being successfully resolved
  • Decreased lost work hours
  • Increased “presenteeism” – ability to focus and be present for job functions
  • Lower lost time by supervisors who are entangled in employees problems
  • EAP Survey Results
  • Measuring success rate and program satisfaction

Behavioral Risk Management

  • Avoiding litigation on potential harassment claims, accidents and workplace violence