Integrated Care Management

What if there was a way to reduce the cost of treatment, lower the number of employee health insurance claims, lower the number of employee disability and worker’s compensation claims, and improve employee productivity and engagement?

Our intensive case management includes:

  • Assessment of an organization’s structure, job functions, and goals for treatment
  • Basics of Effective Communication
  • Closely monitored case management procedures
  • Transition to aftercare and additional support resources
  • Return to work planning and follow-up
  • HR and Management training on recognizing the signs and behaviors of lower productivity due to mental health concerns
Formal Management Referrals

Consider the following:

• 50% of all long-term disability claims include a psychiatric component.

• Disability related costs represent approximately 10% of a company’s payroll.

• In 2016, Parthasarathy and Campbell found that individuals with high deductible health plans delay entering treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs), causing their conditions to worsen.

• According to SAMHSA, 89% of people who needed substance use treatment in the past year did not receive the appropriate treatment.



At Care Plus Solutions, we offer self-funded organizations a creative and innovative answer for managing their mental health and substance abuse disability cases as well as their organization’s substance abuse benefits.

Our firm has saved self-funded organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of our contracted rate agreements with over 50 specialty facilities (drug or alcohol rehabilitation facilities for inpatient and outpatient treatment). There is zero cost to the employee, and on average, our agreed upon rates are half that of an insurance company’s.


Additionally, Care Plus Solutions provides “gatekeeping” services for these cases. Similar to the traditional EAP model, “gatekeeping” services include comprehensive assessments, referrals, and intensive case management.

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