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Care Plus Solutions approaches our partnerships with Benefit Brokers in a way that mirrors our approach with our clients: relational, responsive, and effective. We take a great deal of pride in developing and maintaining these strong business relationships in order to better serve organizations and their employees concerning their EAP needs.


We value open and transparent communication and believe that a partnership built on trust and mutual respect is key to achieving success. By working collaboratively with brokers, we can provide customized EAP solutions that meet the unique needs of your clients, including personalized benefit design, marketing and communication strategies, and ongoing support.


As a Broker Partner with Care Plus Solutions, you can expect dedicated support from our team of experienced EAP professionals. We offer comprehensive training and ongoing education to ensure that brokers have the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively sell and service our EAP solutions. We also provide access to a variety of resources and materials to help brokers differentiate themselves in the marketplace and stay ahead of industry trends. With Care Plus Solutions as your partner, you can feel confident in your ability to provide your clients with top-notch EAP services that meet their specific needs.

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