Management Assistance Program (MAP)

Care Plus Solutions’ staff averages 20 + years of EAP, HR, and business experience, as well as 20 + years of experience providing management consultations on various employee and policy related concerns. Our Management Assistance Program is thus an invaluable resource for Human Resources, Managers, and Supervisors, and we believe it sets the standard in the EAP field.

The following are solutions found in our comprehensive Management Assistance Program (MAP):

Unlimited 24/7 consultations

Formal management referrals

on-site trainings

On-site trainings

Reducing absenteeism

Maximizing productivity

Behavior Risk Management

Critical Incident Response

DOT/NRC solutions

Professional development

Counsel on company substance abuse policies

Avoiding accidents and potential litigation

Coaching and Executive coaching

Executive solutions

Manager and Supervisor orientations

Monthly Supervisor newsletters

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