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Executive Coaching Through Your EAP

How do you grow your team’s professional skills at work with an EAP? Executive coaching is a great way to train your executives to ensure goal alignment, create self-awareness, and enhance effectiveness. This specific perk of an EAP differs from counseling or just regular team training, as coaching helps to improve the on the job performance of managers, supervisors, and other higher level professionals. An executive coaching program through an EAP is great for team growth and rapidly improves the productivity and success of your team.


Coaching uses a process of inquiry and discovery to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility and provides the client with structure, support, and feedback.


When Do You Need Executive Coaching?


Can you think of some instances where an Executive Coach may be warranted? As an example, let us consider the following: Perhaps a high-potential talent is having trouble developing certain leadership skills and you notice that it has affected your team negatively. Or, maybe a new hire is having trouble assimilating to his or her new company culture and as a result, their performance is lacking. These examples highlight two important components to executive coaching: professional development and performance. In these situations, executive coaching is an appropriate intervention and leads to improved team growth and development.


Specific Benefits of Executive Coaching:


  • Improved people-management skills
  • Clarification of goals and performance expectations
  • Removing/overcoming obstacles to performance
  • Clarification of organizational and individual goal alignment
  • Empowerment and accountability


How Is an Executive Coached?


At Care Plus Solutions, executive coaching is seen as a five-step process. Step one is “contracting”. Contracting includes a letter of agreement outlining start and end dates, how success will be measured, and the general focus of the coaching. Next is the “initial goal setting”. Here, expectations by the client, his or her boss, and the HR professional are discussed. The third step is “assessment”. This includes data gathering from the employee, interviews, multi-rater feedback assessments, existing data from performance appraisals and customer satisfaction surveys, as well as other means of assessment. “Development planning and implementation” is step four, and the final step is “evaluation”. Here, we evaluate outcomes.


Why Is Executive Coaching So Popular?


  • Competitive marketplace with emphasis on speed and flexibility
  • Flatter, leaner organizations
  • Bosses have a hard time developing or even knowing their direct reports
  • More teamwork and lateral relationships
  • Requirements to influence without direct control
  • Pressure to produce short-term financial results
  • Greater integration of the world economy and its attendant knowledge requirements
  • Need to optimize the talents of domestic and international multicultural workforces
  • Shifts in values and priorities of younger generations, dual-career marriages, and other changes in the larger worldwide society


Executive Coaching Key Points


  • Coaching uses a process of inquiry and discovery to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility and provides the client with structure, support, and feedback.
  • Clients must feel comfortable and safe when seeking coaching. It is a process which creates awareness and action through confidential communication.
  • The individual will uncover barriers and areas of resistance to job performance and leadership effectiveness and find opportunities for success.
  • The coaching process empowers the client to move forward to action and to be accountable.


First Step: Find an EAP!

Before you implement executive coaching for your team, you will need to find a reliable EAP. An employee assistance program helps you through the personal challenges that affect your employees/management in the workplace. Many times, unresolved personal problems can carry into the work environment and decrease productivity and effectiveness. With an EAP like Care Plus Solutions, you and your team can have access to counselors, legal services, financial services, work-life solutions, and wellness solutions. An EAP yields a high return on investment and provides a consistent partner for your employees’ health and wellness.


Our Core Services Include:


  • Unlimited 24/7 Toll-free Access to EAP Counselors
  • Assessment and Referral
  • Short-term Counseling and Case Management
  • Management Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Employee and Management Orientations
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Legal Services
  • Financial Services
  • Newsletters and Promotional Materials in Multiple Languages
  • Work-life Solutions
  • Wellness Solutions
  • Wellbeing Website
  • Custom Utilization Reports

Learn more about Care Plus Solutions’ EAP on our “About” tab, and contact us today with any questions about our program. We are happy to direct you to the best benefits for your employee and executive teams. We are here when you need us so your team is always at its best!


Care Plus Solutions is America’s first EAP and is headquartered in New York and has offices in New Jersey. Over the course of the company’s 46 year history, their brand has remained firmly rooted in the rich history of the EAP field, never losing sight of the fundamental purpose of the EAP; delivering personal and quality services to those in need. It is fair to say that Care Plus Solutions is the gold standard in the field of Employee Assistance.


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