Work-Life Solutions

Employees are finding it more challenging than ever to successfully balance their work, finances, family commitments and personal life. Many individuals are having to work multiple jobs, face increased financial demands due to mounting student loan debt, and struggle with always being “on” due to the ability to access work from home via modern technology. Care Plus Solutions recognizes this reality, and offers a comprehensive work-life solution to our clients and their employees.


Our work-life solution combines access to various professionals (both face-to-face and telephonic), comprehensive web-based information comprised of tools and resources to assist employees, and informational brochures and newsletters.

Our available work-life solutions include:


Lunch and Learn workshops on your company’s premises 


Telephonic consultation regarding information on and referrals to the following:

• Childcare and eldercare services

• Convenience resources


Employee Newsletters such as “Change can be good – It can also be stressful.


Our wellbeing website which offers the following work-life solutions:

• Self-search locators for: child care, adult and elder care, adoption services, educational services, and new parent services

• Monthly leadership and work-life webinars on topics such as “Providing Effective Feedback” and “Communicating with Your Adolescent” as well as an archive of prior webinars

• Comprehensive selection of educational videos, calculators, articles, webinars, and tips related to financial matters

• Comprehensive selection of webinars, forms, educational videos, and articles concerning various legal matters

• Online training for personal and professional development

2-300 Employees

300+ Employees

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