Why Care Plus Solutions?

Our Focus

We serve only you. We are not affiliated with an insurance company, counseling center, hospital, third party administrator or other managed care organization thereby avoiding potential conflicts of interest. EAP is our core business.

Our Comprehensiveness

We have robust Employee Assistance Program and Management Assistance Program services.


We excel at providing a high-touch, personal approach with our clients and their employees. 


We offer more solutions to Managers and Human Resources than our competition.

Our Experience

Established in 1973, Care Plus Solutions is the first Employee Assistance Program in the country.

Our Reputation

Care Plus Solutions is the choice provider of the Mid-Atlantic Employers’ Association. 


Our firm has been appointed to several committees in the EAP industry including Task Forces focusing on healthcare, wellness, work-life, EAP, and substance abuse.


Care Plus Solutions has received local and national awards for our quality from such organizations as the NJ Psychological Association, Institute of Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) and the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).

Some of our valued clients:

2-300 Employees

301+ Employees

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