Why We Are Different...

  • We serve only you. We are not affiliated with any insurance company, counseling center, hospital, third party administrator or other managed care organization thereby avoiding potential conflicts of interest.
  • EAP is, and always has been, our core business.
  • We are not a secondary “add-on” service used by loosely related businesses to maximize their profits or an insurance company’s “loss leader” bundled to sell their other products.
  • We are an integrated EAP that addresses Behavioral Health, Wellness, Work-Life and organizational development needs.
  • We provide an experienced, licensed staff and network of professionals. Care Plus Solutions’ expertise and experience personifies excellence in the human services field.

Our People...

  • Our staff and case managers understand the importance of knowing your culture, policies, administrative style and needs.
  • Our professional staff have well over ten years of experience in the EAP field and possess EAP and Substance Abuse certifications.
  • Our firm has been appointed to several committees in the EAP industry including Task Forces focusing on healthcare, wellness, work-life, EAP and substance abuse.

A few of of our valued customers...