counseling program support for small business owners

3 Ways EAPs Help Small Business Owners


Counseling program support for small business owners.


Regardless of what industry you are in, today’s workforce is being pulled in multiple directions at increasing rates. Due to the global pandemic, employees have had to adjust to working from home, working from home with kids attending school at home, re-integrating back to working at the office, and these are just a few of the adjustments.

Some employees are trying to take care of elder parents, locate daycare, resolve relationship issues all while still striving to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

Thankfully, even though the pressures from work and outside of work are weighing heavily on employees, many employers have recognized that their employees are only human. To help their employees, small businesses have implemented employee assistance programs (EAP).

The fundamental goal of EAPs is to make employees’ lives — in all aspects — more manageable through a counseling program and other benefits.


The Employee Assistance Trade Association (EASNA) defines EAPs as “an employer-sponsored service designed for personal or family problems, including mental health, substance abuse, various addictions, marital problems, parenting problems, emotional problems, or financial or legal concerns.”

By helping employees with things like finding childcare or eldercare to providing them with critical resources, such as counseling sessions for an untreated mental illness, the fundamental goal of EAPs is to make employees’ lives — in all aspects — more manageable.

Here’s the truth: When an employee feels valued, heard, and taken care of by their employer, studies have proved that the employee feels loyal to that employer. This loyalty will empower your employees to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and stop the negative chatter.

Here are three ways EAPs help small business owners.


1.) Lead to Increased Productivity

When employees are distracted by personal problems, they become less motivated and creative at work. They may also start to use more sick days in an effort to cope. Needless to say, these absences can have serious consequences.

With an EAP, employees have access to no-shame counseling program that won’t add a financial burden. Thus, they will have an outlet to help them process the demands or transitions of life.


2.) Help Businesses Save Money

When comparing the cost of the effects of employee substance abuse and mental health issues, implementing an EAP saves your business money.

A recent study disclosed that the direct costs (or healthcare costs) of mental illness and substance use disorders exceeded $210 billion in 2010, and they are estimated to rise to $6 trillion in 2030.6 This is a rate that far outpaces inflation.6 Specifically, one survey found that between 2006 and 2016, overall healthcare costs for employers and employees rose by 58%.6

A study published by EASNA, found that the average return on investment is $3 or more for every $1 invested in the EAP.


3.) Encourage a positive work environment

You’ve probably heard it said that “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Unfortunately, this saying is true at the workplace just as much as it is at home. Employees who are dealing with mental or emotional issues are often frustrated, defensive, argumentative, and less communicative at work.

Stress-caused issues such as absenteeism, decreased performance, and health problems affect not only one person but the overall workforce.

An EAP can help a troubled employee by providing a counseling program and other support to assist them.  As a result, the employee discovers a safe place to vent, improves their stress-levels, thus positively affecting their work environment and co-workers. This makes work a safe place for all employees, and somewhere they want to be.

So, if you haven’t invested in your employees through an EAP, we can help! We would be honored to help you find an EAP that works for your employees and your budget. Click here to contact us and start your journey to creating a healthier and happier workplace!


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