Employees are finding it more challenging than ever to successfully combine their work, family commitments and personal life. Today’s technology makes leaving work behind after hours, on weekends and while on vacation a rare thing for many employees. When an employee’s work life and personal life are out of balance their stress level is likely to mount.

Care Plus Solutions offers a Work/Life solution that provides comprehensive web-based information, tools and resources to assist employees with personal well-being, family care-giving and daily-living topics.

Our available Work/Life services include:

  • Our Personal Advantage website with self-search locators for: child care, elder care, adoption, education, tutoring, pet sitting, private and public colleges, financial aid/scholarships, volunteer opportunities, attorneys, ready to use legal documents, senior care and much more
  • Monthly leadership and work-life webinars on topics such as "Providing Effective Feedback" and "Communicating with Your Adolescent" as well as an archive of prior webinars
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Financial calculators, articles, tips, interactive health assessments, streaming audio and videos covering a range of physical, mental and emotional health topics
  • Online Training for Personal and Professional Development
  • Child and Eldercare services
  • Convenience Resources
  • Identity Theft Services
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services