Why We Are Different...

  • We serve only you. We are not affiliated with any insurance company, counseling center, hospital, third party administrator or other managed care organization thereby avoiding potential conflicts of interest.
  • EAP is, and always has been, our core business.
  • We are not a secondary “add-on” service used by loosely related businesses to maximize their profits or an insurance company’s “loss leader” bundled to sell their other products.
  • We are an integrated EAP that addresses Behavioral Health, Wellness, Work-Life and organizational development needs.
  • We vet our network providers as well as we vet our staff, looking only for the best in the field to match the specific needs of your employees.

  • Before referring your employee or their loved one for care, we personally contact each provider to ensure their availability and experience
    in addressing the clinical needs of each client.

Our People...

  • Our staff and case managers understand the importance of knowing your culture, policies, administrative style and needs.
  • Our professional staff have well over ten years of experience in the EAP field and possess EAP and Substance Abuse certifications.
  • Our firm has been appointed to several committees in the EAP industry including Task Forces focusing on healthcare, wellness, work-life, EAP and substance abuse.

Some of our valued clients.....